We enjoy our sporting endeavours at St Patrick’s and have whole school sports days including Cross Country, Swimming Sports and Athletics.  Although we haven’t got our own pool, swimming lessons are offered to all children during term 4.  Throughout the year teams participate in sports such as T-Ball, Softball, Miniball, Touch Rugby, Football, Netball and Hockey.  To read the St. Patrick’s Sports Code of Conduct 2017 follow this link.

Learning Area – Health & Physical Education

In Health & Physical Education we want St. Patrick’s students to learn about their own well-being, and that of others and society, in health-related and movement contexts.

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Global Ideas:

 ·        Understand, use and share St. Patrick’s School values with the emphasis on living our motto ‘Strength & Kindness’.

·        Maintain positive relationships and be inclusive of others.

 ·        Participate fairly in a wide range of individual and team sports and activities that promote developing physical fitness and well-being.

 ·        Understand changes that occur to their bodies and the importance of good personal hygiene and habitats.

 ·        Understand the importance of safety for different scenarios.

 ·        Use ‘WITS’ to aid feeling safe at St. Patrick’s School.