Our Digital Technology programme is continually growing and developing.  We are looking at ways to incorporate digital technology into the day to day curriculum and how we can best utilise our range of i-Pads and laptops. Teachers are developing their own knowledge through digital literacy and numeracy PLD as well as specific i-pad training. The students participate each year in an initiative to develop digital skills within our Masterton Cluster schools through the Masterkids programme. 

Learning area – Technology

In Technology we want St. Patrick’s students to learn to be innovative, developers of products and systems and discerning consumers who will make a difference in the world.







Global Ideas:

 ·       To have access to a wide range of technology including I-Pads, computers, interactive whiteboards and audio visual equipment to help enhance the teaching and learning experience.

 ·        Have opportunities to be problem solvers through the use of genuine contexts in our school and wider communities.

 ·        Investigate, design, test and evaluate ideas.

 ·        Choose and use materials, tools and equipment skilfully and safely.

 ·        Learn and reflect about how Technology has changed over time and impacted on our local community and world.