At St Patrick’s School we encourage senior students who show excellent skills in particular areas to be leaders, chosen by both teachers and their peers. Leaders include; House Captains, Strength & Kindness Group, Enviro Group, Liturgy Leaders, Kapa Haka Leaders, Choir Leaders, Library Monitors, Office Monitors, School Patrollers & JNS Ambassadors.

Senior students are responsible for the Fuss Busters programme to help resolve minor conflicts in the playground and they also act as wet weather monitors in the junior classes. 

The school has four house groups; Tane Mahuta, Papatuanuku, Tangaroa and Ranginui.  Children are divided into the four groups and receive house points for a variety of things, from completing homework to winning races.  Rewards are given for the winning house group each term.  

2016 House Group Leaders

house laeders