Learning Area – Science

In Science we want St. Patrick’s students to explore how both the natural physical world and science itself work so that they can participate as critical, informed and responsible citizens in a society in which science plays a significant role.

 Lottie Murray Yr 4 (b)

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Global Ideas:

 ·        Learn what science is and how scientists work.

 ·        Develop an understanding of scientific knowledge, processes and skills.

 ·        Generate and test ideas in scientific investigations.

 ·       Develop knowledge of the physical, natural and material world in which we live.

 ·        Understand that the earth is just a small part of a vast universe.

 ·       Be inspired to care for the natural and human made world so that it can be protected for future generations.

 ·       Promote the reduction of waste through recycling in our school ‘Enviro’ programme.