“Our Catholic community is committed to excellence”
School Vision

The New Zealand Religious Education Curriculum is followed in all classes, led by our Director of Religious Studies (DRS). The philosophy is integrated throughout class programmes and the school environment.  At St Patrick’s School, our values of strength and kindness are fostered through the living and teaching of the Gospel values and are delivered through the school virtues:

Generosity Goodness Patience Peace Faithfulness Love/Charity
Joy Gentleness Kindness Modesty/Humility Self-Control/Chastity  


Learning area – Religious Education

In Religious Education we want St. Patrick’s students to learn what the Catholic Church believes, celebrates and prays, form a relationship with God and develop ways of integrating faith and life and culture. In doing this, allowing for each child’s free faith response.


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Global Ideas:

 ·        Develop their own prayer life and relationship with God.

 ·        Gain historical knowledge of the Catholic Church and Biblical stories.

 ·        Relate religious concepts to everyday life through the integrated curriculum.

 ·        Foster the development of our school ‘Values’ and be loving and non-judgemental Christians.

 ·        Encourage students to be responsible for being stewards of the church, school community and planet earth.